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So......Why Join SARTA?



If your organisation is not a member of SARTA, you are not able to take advantage of the wide range of information and support services which SARTA provides to help its members.


SARTA Has Helped Many Members Save Thousands of Dollars


Our services often save transport operators thousands of dollars by enabling them to avoid expensive settlement of wrongful dismissals, wage claims and a range of operational problems.  This can be a simple matter of calling SARTA for advice BEFORE taking action such as dismissing employees.  SARTA has also helped many operators to settle disputes with the TWU by standing up for the operator’s rights.

We are often, but not always able to assist members resolve HV access and design approval issues and to avoid or resolve compliance issues with the Heavy Vehicle National Law.


SARTA Services
  • We provide SARTA Members with a wide range of Information & Advice which enables most members to deal with and manage the issues they raise with us, including on:-


  • WorkCover Changes including WH&S

  • Staff Management

  • Wrongful Dismissal

  • Regulatory Requirements

  • Problems with Permits etc.

  • Compliance and Enforcement Issues

  • Transport Legislation Changes

  • Industrial Relations

  • Accreditation (Mass, Maintenance & Fatigue)

  • Fatigue Management Laws


  • The Weekly SARTA Member’s Bulletin: providing key details on relevant current issues;

  • In addition to the routine advice and support, SARTA Members can access specialised and expert support on a range of programs and products, including:

    • Accreditation Programs –  WA Accreditation, and Maintenance, Mass and/or Fatigue Management.

    • Industrial relations Agreements: Individual Employee Agreements and Collective Industrial Agreements.

    • Negotiation & Industrial Representation Services: including on Dismissal or Wage Claims

    • WH&S Services and Programs

    • Government Lobbying & Representation.


SARTA is a TRANSPORT Industry Body

SARTA represents transport operators from across the State and all sectors of the Industry: including; Livestock, Waste, Furniture, General Freight, Fuel, Tippers, Road-Trains, Car Carrying, Containers, Bulk and Warehousing.  We understand the problems facing transport operators.  Some other employer organisations do not.


SARTA Gets Results with Governments

The State and Federal Governments recognise SARTA as the Peak Industry Body in South Australia.  The Government and most Local Councils consult SARTA on Road Transport issues.  So SARTA can help you get your point of view across to Governments on any issue; including Routes & Access, Permits and Mass Limits.


SARTA ‘Friday Bulletin’

Each week SARTA produces a publication that is distributed to members informing them of the key current industry issues including on State/Federal Budgets matters, upcoming events. We also email Members directly on IR Laws and Award issues and much more. 


SARTA’s Low Membership Fees for Real Value for Money Benefits

SARTA’s Membership Fees are kept low and our services provide operators with Value-for-Money.


Membership Rates

1-2 Trucks                                                                 $212 p.a

3-14 Trucks                                                               $115 per vehicle p.a.

15-40 Trucks                                                             $2,118 p.a.

41+Trucks                                                                 $2,783 p.a.

Associate Membership (available for Suppliers)   $1,392 p.a

NB: All Fees are GST inclusive


If you would like to join SARTA, follow the link below to download a SARTA Membership Info Pack, which contains a copy of our Application Form:












Your membership fee is based on your fleet size. This includes any vehicles owned and any subcontractor vehicles used, as stated on the back of the membership application form.


Once your application has been processed, you will receive your new member pack confirming your membership with SARTA.


If you have any questions about membership, please contact us on 8445 8177, or leave a message through the membership enquiry below. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Membership Enquiry

Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding SARTA Membership

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